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The main forging products cover auto parts, engineering machinery parts, gear rings, shafts, various types of special-shaped parts, etc. It provides precision and high quality one-piece forming forging blanks and related finished products of various forgings (die forgings)

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Product details


In terms of weight, there are 17-19% of forgings on automobiles. General automobile forgings are composed of 15 parts, such as body, trunk, engine, front axle, rear axle, frame, gearbox, transmission shaft and steering system. They are characterized by complex shape, light weight, poor working conditions and high safety requirements. For example, the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, front beam and knuckle required by the front axle, axle shaft and axle sleeve used by the rear axle, and transmission gear in the axle box used by the automobile engine are all key forgings related to the safe operation of the automobile. Fengle precision forging automobile forgings mainly include gear blanks, hinges, joint forks, etc. The automobile high-pressure common rail forgings are the latest products developed by our company.

Construction machinery

Most of the engineering machinery forgings are small and medium-sized special-shaped parts. The company develops products such as cylinder bottom, cylinder head flange, rod head, shaft pin, piston and nut. It serves Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic, Guomao reducer, Zhenjiang New Energy, Zhenjiang New Energy, and Shanghai Lixin.


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