China has become a major global equipment manufacturing country, and its level of autonomy has improved

On August 2, CRCC Heavy Equipment Base was completed and put into operation in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. The picture shows a 900 ton beam carrier in production.

On July 28, the cold leg bend of the main pipe of Unit 1 of Sanmen Nuclear Power Station, the world's first third-generation AP1000 nuclear power plant, completed the bending forming process in the hydraulic locomotive workshop of China Erzhong Forging Branch, marking that Erzhong has mastered the most difficult bending forming core technology in the manufacturing process of the cold leg bend of AP1000.

China First Heavy also made breakthroughs in the localization of major third-generation nuclear power equipment. Since the end of last year, China's first fully self-developed nuclear reactor pressure vessel contracted by First Heavy Industries was delivered to Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station, a number of million kilowatt nuclear reactor pressure vessels and other products have been delivered to users, marking that the manufacturing of China's million kilowatt nuclear island main equipment has fully realized localization.

The achievements of primary and secondary independent innovation are just a microcosm of the rapid growth of China's equipment manufacturing industry during the 11th Five Year Plan period. Since this year, a number of major scientific and technological projects undertaken by equipment enterprises, such as the "large-scale fast and efficient CNC fully automatic stamping production line" and "research on key manufacturing technologies for large castings and forgings of megawatt nuclear power equipment", have passed the national appraisal. A number of major equipment, such as the world's largest tonnage crawler crane and the largest domestic stacker reclaimer, have come out one after another. China's pace towards "equipment power" has become increasingly stable.

The industrial "equipping" feature is obvious

The industrial scale ranks first in the world

On July 16, the foundation of the Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Heat Treatment Center project was officially laid amid the cheerful sound of firecrackers. This is another major technical innovation project to enhance the enterprise's capacity after the Foundry Co., Ltd., D6 Workshop East Expansion and the Foundry Company's reconstruction and reinforcement project.

Behind the continuous expansion of the production capacity of "Ji'er" is the substantial increase in the market share of its flagship product, the domestic large-scale fast full-automatic stamping production line. Zhang Zhigang, the chairman of "Ji'er", told the reporter that since 2009, "Ji'er" has undertaken more than 20 orders for large-scale fast full-automatic stamping production lines, increasing the proportion of high-end products such as automatic stamping lines from 15% to 55%. At present, not only the six domestic CNC large-scale multi station press production lines used in the domestic market are all from "Ji'er", but also "Ji'er" has become an important competitive force in the international market.

During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the 'equipping' feature of China's industrial structure has become increasingly obvious, and the industry has shown a new trend of rapid development of advanced manufacturing. " Zhu Hongren, the chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that since the "11th Five Year Plan", under the guidance of the Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry and the State Council's Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry, China's equipment manufacturing industry has significantly accelerated its development. The proportion of the equipment industry in the total industrial output value has risen from 22.4% at the end of the "10th Five Year Plan" to 26.15% in 2009, The international competitiveness has been further improved, and the technical level and market share of some products have leapt to the forefront of the world.

The person in charge of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told the reporter that one of the biggest changes in China's equipment manufacturing industry during the "11th Five Year Plan" period was the rapid growth of its scale. Statistics show that the added value of the equipment industry accounted for more than 9% of the national GDP in 2010; The total industrial output value increased from 4 trillion yuan in 2005 to more than 14 trillion yuan in 2010; The proportion in the total industrial output value of the country increased from 16.6% to 20.3%; The number of enterprises above designated size has reached more than 100000, nearly 50000 more than that at the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan; 17.52 million employees; The total assets have reached 10.4 trillion yuan, double the amount at the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan. Among them, a landmark change is that in 2009, the sales volume of China's mechanical equipment industry reached 1.5 trillion US dolls, surpassing Japan's 1.2 trillion US dollars and the United States' 1 trillion US dollars, ranking first in the world and becoming the world's largest equipment manufacturing country.

Significant enhancement of equipment support capability

Outstanding achievements in localization of major equipment

The successful development of the 18500t free forging hydraulic press is only one of the many achievements in the localization of large castings and forgings in China's equipment industry in recent years. Thanks to the rapid development of China's hydropower and nuclear power undertakings, since the "11th Five Year Plan", China has made remarkable achievements in the localization of major technical equipment, and the level of mechanical products has made considerable progress. Efficient and clean power generation equipment (ultra supercritical thermal power, high-power hydropower, nuclear power, wind power) has basically met domestic demand. Its technical level and product output have entered the forefront of the world. The rotors of ultra supercritical thermal power units have achieved mass production, and breakthroughs have been made in tackling key forging technologies for the third generation of nuclear power at the megawatt level. The comprehensive localization rate of 1000KV UHV AC power transmission and transformation equipment and ± 800KV DC power transmission complete equipment has reached more than 90% and 60% respectively. China has also become the first country in the world to put UHV power transmission and transformation equipment into industrial operation.

In recent years, the rapid development of steel, mining, cement, petrochemical and other industries has also promoted the improvement of the independent innovation ability of the relevant equipment manufacturing industry. At present, 10 million ton steel enterprises have been able to independently provide complete sets of conventional process equipment, 20 million ton open-pit mine complete sets of equipment, and 4000 - 10000 ton clinker dry process cement complete sets of equipment. The 300000t/a synthetic ammonia equipment has become autonomous, and the key "three machines", such as cracking gas compressor, propylene compressor and ethylene compressor, have also been successfully developed.

For a long time, CNC machine tools are the weak point of China's equipment manufacturing industry. High grade CNC systems and heavy and precision machine tools have been monopolized by foreign manufacturers. After the system breakthrough during the "11th Five Year Plan" period, domestic high-end CNC machine tools represented by Huazhong CNC "Huazhong 8-type" high-end CNC system have made a gratifying breakthrough. The self-sufficiency rate of the CNC system and functional components supporting the CNC machine tools has reached 60%, and the average time between failures of the independently developed CNC system has reached 20000 hours.

In addition, major scientific and technological projects for large aircraft have made good progress. A new regional ARJ-21 aircraft with independent intellectual property rights is undergoing test flights and is expected to start batch delivery this year. The "Chang'e Project" and the "Manned Space Flight" have made significant achievements at different stages. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the domestic market share of machinery products further increased from 80% in 2005 to more than 85% in 2010, and the guarantee ability for various industries of the national economy was significantly enhanced.

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