Warmly congratulate Changzhou Fengle Precision Forging Co., Ltd. on its successful listing


With the loud sound of gongs, Changzhou Fengle Precision Forging Co., Ltd. was officially listed in Jiangsu Equity Trading Center, referred to as "Fengle Precision Forging", with the equity code of "690646". In the first step of Fengle Precision Forging in the capital market, the general manager Yang Xiaojun, his wife Cai Xiaoyan and staff representatives attended the listing ceremony.


Yang Xiaojun, the president of Fengle Jingforging, believes that the successful listing of the enterprise in Jiangsu Equity Trading Center has established a direct financing platform for the enterprise, which is conducive to increasing the proportion of the enterprise's own capital, improving the capital structure of the enterprise, improving the enterprise's ability to resist risks, and enhancing the enterprise's development potential. At the same time, it has certain advantages in establishing a modern enterprise system, standardizing the corporate governance structure, improving the level of enterprise management and reducing business risks. Moreover, it is conducive to the establishment of a modern property rights system with clear ownership, clear rights and responsibilities, strict protection and smooth circulation, and enhances the motivation for enterprises to start businesses and innovate. It is also conducive to establishing the brand of enterprises, improving the corporate image, and making them recognized by the government, banks, society and customers. More effectively expand the market, reduce financing and transaction costs, and carry out capital operations such as asset merger and reorganization. Of course, it is also conducive to improving the incentive mechanism to attract and retain talents. Finally, it is conducive to equity appreciation and enhanced liquidity, and the profit model is upgraded from product profit to capital appreciation.

Changzhou Fengle Precision Forging Co., Ltd. mainly forges automobile parts, engineering machinery parts, gear rings, shafts and other types of special-shaped parts. To provide precision and high quality one-piece forging blanks and related finished products of various forgings (die forgings). The company covers an area of about 30000 square meters, with fixed assets of 40 million yuan. Now it has a 2500T hot die forging production line, a auxiliary line of 1600T stamping machine, a 2000T precision press assembly line, a 1600T precision forging line, two 1000T friction pressure production lines, a 630T stamping machine, a 400T stamping production line, and a 250T stamping production line. In the future, 4000T hot die forging equipment will be invested. The company has more than 100 employees and is a die forging processing factory with strong technical force and has passed the TS16949 system certification. Adhere to the goal of professionalism, innovation, quality, service and efficiency, continue to actively research and develop, pursue perfect, practical and competitive products, actively expand the market landscape and move towards internationalization, so that customers can be more confident and reassured in marketing, create business opportunities, and achieve win-win goals.


The landing in Jiangsu Equity Trading Center this time marks the smooth connection between the enterprise and the capital market, broadens the company's financing channels, and can greatly enhance the corporate image and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. The successful listing in Jiangsu Equity Trading Center is a new starting point for Fengle Jingforging. At the same time, it returns customers with better products and services, and returns employees with better performance, Establish an excellent image in the forging market and achieve leapfrog development.

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